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Welcome to the ART™ of straightness night school page.

Here is a taster of Joni Bentley giving an ART lesson to one of her pupils.


It should be simple. But somehow, it’s not. There are any number of things that may be getting in your way.

Whatever it is that’s missing for you, you’re certain that riding – schooling your horse and yourself to work together as a team – should’t be hit-and-miss, and certainly should’t be harsh or cruel.

Welcome to Joni Bentley Training™ Night School or three night schools in one relaxing rejuvenating day workshop.

 If you believe in the partnership between horse and rider this program is your opportunity to make a difference in the often hit-and-miss, often cruel world of horse-and-rider training. 

For me as a trainer now for twenty years, if it isn't simple, achievable, fun, enlightening and for the good of the horse and rider, I am not interested. My training system works at the pace and speed each rider and horse are comfortable with. 

Unlike most training methods the ART™ of straightness has it covered at every angle:

You now have the opportunity to attend dismounted night school virtual riding classes in your area – at just £10 per session when you sign up for the 9 or 6 lesson term; £15 a class if you take them individually.

1. When you sign up you will sent a video describing the evening ’s focus – you’ll see the exercise being ridden, and understand what it means for you and your horse and the importance of doing the dismounted work.

2. Then Joni Bentley or a knowledgeable Bentley Training-certified teacher will lead you through dismounted exercises with bridles, bits, and other practice equipment, showing you exactly how your actions create your horse’s reactions and responses.

3. You’ll experience for yourself what you need to do to become a better partner and trainer for your horse – and for yourself. 

These dismounted programs prepare you for Joni's in-person, mounted workshops or video assessment program.
And if you choose to attend Night School without following up with a workshop or doing a video assessment – you’ll still have so much more to draw on in working with yourself and your horse to improve your riding experience!

The 9 week program includes:

  1.  Night School day 1: We start the course with the chair game and breathing exercises. These exercises are a great way of increasing your awareness, calming your mind and helping you to feel good and relax together.
  2. Night School day 2. Straightening you laterally using the Diagonal pathway exercise. 
  3. Night School day 3. Feeling contact. 
  4. Night School day 4. Straightening you longitudinally using the flexion and extension exercises. 
  5. Night School day 5. How to deepen your seat. 
  6. Night School day 6. How to match your horse's movement. 
  7. Night School day 7. How to make you equal on both reins using spiralling exercises. 
  8. Night School day 8. How to engage your horse’s inside hind leg to straighten them behind.
  9. Night School day 9. How to ride a square to exercise both the inside and outside hind legs in flexion and extension to lower the haunches and lighten the forehand. 

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