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ART™ Alignment Riding Therapy, natural horse training.

  • Want to know the secret power of position?
  • Want to ride comfortably and keep your partnership sound and happy?
  • Want to allow your horse's movement to flow throughout your whole body?

Stop doing the wrong thing and the right thing does itself.

It is traditional for riders to be taught to 'sit up tall', which makes them stiffen, and 'keep still' which makes them stiffen even more.
Bolt-uprightness in the rider, only succeeds in blocking their own and their horse's movement, flow and spirit. ART is a holistic approach, it does not interfere with the body's natural co ordination by telling the rider how they 'should' sit, instead, it scrambles confusing, habitual, patterns of crookedness at their very core. For both horse and rider to achieve graceful, natural posture and avoid unsoundness issues, it is important to know how to stop doing the wrong thing in order for the right thing to do itself.

ART works from the inside out.

  1. ART begins with the simple fact that horses and riders, like all living creatures, are naturally crooked to some degree. Your body, just like every other human body, has its own idiosyncrasies. Your bones are put together in your unique way; your tendons, muscles, and ligaments all connect and work in ways that are specifically yours; likewise, the same goes for your horse. No matter how highly you have both been trained your natural crookedness, habitual right or left handedness, will pull you and your horse out of shape as you go about everyday life... more here.
  2. Just as we are right or left-handed, so are our horses and all the above relates to them too. More here.
  3. Your horse suffers the same malady which makes it impossible for you to sit straight. More here.
  4. You actually increase crookedness by trying to build an ideal position on a wonky foundation, giving yourself and your horse a double dose. More here
  5. If a horse has soundness issues but the vet says you can go ahead and ride, usually the problem is your riding style. That is why treating the horse separately from you, doesn’t work. The rider has to learn how to counterbalance their own and their horse’s one-sidedness whilst riding.
  6. Trying to manipulate your own and your horse's body into, “looking the part,” only builds more layers of crookedness on top of your already wonky foundation.
  7. ART schools the rider, as they school their horse. That means you are both being trained equally together during riding.

How Andy Ford progressed using ART™ within six months.

“ART is so easy and different to any horse training I have ever come across and I believe it will revolutionise horse training in the future. It has resolved so many issues and horse training problems for me in an uncanny “magic wand” kind of way. Joni Bentley's horse training, gives the most careful consideration to all the different factors involved in crookedness. It then shows you through unique exercises how, by “unfixing” rather than “fixing," crookedness gradually crystallizes out more and more, up to a point where it dissolves and solves itself.