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Joni Bentley, riding coach and author of the best book seller, “Riding success without stress,” is now available to give you private lessons at your home using this revolutionary video training program. For that extra personal touch she also offers video feedback using Skype and Youtube. Soundness problems e.g. kissing spines, twisted pelvis, tripping, bridle lameness, saddle slipping, wrong canter lead, no impulsion are all very common problems due to one sidedness in both sides of your partnership. These horse and rider straightness training videos, are simple, therapeutic and biomechanically sound. Somehow "do the lessons and success will follow" hasn't yet panned out for you. It sometimes seems as if there are only two choices: spur on with the lessons, which feels gross, or, continue to care for your horse, which you are good at, but you would love to be a good rider; meanwhile, you are coming nowhere close to your potential as a rider. Therefore, how do you ride with natural stress free excellence while caring for your partners wellbeing?

No matter how resistant your horse is, he is always available to change as you change, but when you are struggling, they can sense it, so they carry on doing their own thing. It is possible to turn your riding around and find a middle ground where your horse is happy to meet you.
These home study course integrates more than 500 years of horsemanship, self-development, down-to-earth, no-nonsense cutting edge techniques to simplify riding practices. It was written to support you while you ride using clear down to earth instructions to the point where:
  • You begin to understand how riding instruction relates to your world.
  • Your confidence increases, while your stress levels go down.
  • You know enough to make good riding decisions, with confidence in your choices.
  • Your partnership stays healthy and successful.
  • Your riding becomes an oasis of quality, time out, with your horse.
  • You love what you do knowing it helps keep your horse supple and straight.
  • You know how you are using your mind.
  • You know how your horse is affecting your mind.
  • You know how your horse is affecting the way you are sitting.
  • You know how your horse is affecting the way the saddle fits.

The Secret Power of Position home study course as been designed for thinking, caring riders.

Workshop 2 £25 download
Workshop 1 £25 download Workshop 3 Available end soon
    What is covered in this groundwork video:
  • How left and right-handedness in horses creates a spinal twist throughout their body and how to release this habitual one-sidedness.
  • How to release and flex the horse's poll in preparation for turning.
  • How to place the horse’s inside hind leg under the body during a turn.
  • How to rebalance the horse after the turn to keep his weight evenly distributed over all four feet.
  • How to stop the horse’s quarters from drifting sideways during and after turns.
  • How to use the inside rein to encourage the quarters to move over.
  • Working on patterns we learn how to:
  • Increase the bend and stretch out the horse’s hollow side, while toning up the soft side.
  • Increase the poll flexion gradually and gently.
  • Stretch the outside of the horse’s body to make enough room for the inside hind leg to step under more.
  • Teach the horse to sit into his hocks, lower his haunches and raise his back during the turning phase.
  • Use poles to increase impulsion, body length and a good balance between the flexion and extension movements.
  • Control impulsion. Increase the swing of the horse’s ribcage and why it is importance that the rider doesn't block this swing during riding.
  • We compared how the horse was moving at the beginning and end of the lesson.