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Welcome to the Alexander Technique Horse and Rider Straightness Training CD Page.

My Alexander CD training program is for riders of all levels who want to boost their riding skills and confidence by using the Alexander Technique. These CD programs give you an Alexander technique work out every time you ride. Finding your own applications and wisdom is the real value in these CDs.

In this home study course I actively guide you through the riding lessons and teach you how to apply the Alexander technique while you ride.

This program helps you to effectively combat nerves, deepen your seat and straighten up your daily riding routine.

Riding can sometimes feel Overwhelming, yet it doesn't have to be that way.

If you use these simple instructions while riding, you don't have to worry about getting it wrong or not knowing what to do.

The lessons not only calm your mind while straightening and deepening your seat, they give you the support and practice you need to ride with confidence, ease and access your inner strength and wisdom.

This introduction and 10 Dynamic Alexander Riding lessons on 6 CDs will Calm your nerves, build your confidence and straighten your seat.

Downloadable £25

CDs £35 plus £3 post&package.

"The experts like to make us think it’s difficult, but it’s not difficult at all. It’s easy to understand the biomechanics if you slow down and take the time to feel riding, not just do it". Dr Gerd Heuschmann