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Welcome to The ART™ Of Straightness Teacher Training.

  • You’re an experienced trainer, teacher, or therapist … and you’ve been looking for a kinder training with more physical and mental depth.
  • You want to be a teacher that really cares about the horses and riders you work with. 
  • You want a way to help them resolve soundness and schooling problems that are gentle, humane, enjoyable, and smart!

Welcome to ART™ Teacher Training. If you believe in the partnership between horse and rider this program is your opportunity to make a difference in the often hit-and-miss, often cruel world of horse-and-rider training. If you are not an experienced teacher or therapist  we have a training course for you too email me for more details.


For me as a trainer now for twenty years, if it isn't simple, achievable, fun, enlightening and for the good of the horse and rider, I am not interested. My training system works at the pace and speed each rider and horse are comfortable with.

Unlike most training methods ART™ has it covered at every angle:

classical riding

The rider has to learn how to counterbalance their own and their horse’s one-sidedness during riding. And that is what ART™ Horse and rider straightness training specialises in. Degas, Da Vinci, Alexander and Feldenkrais were not taught by experts, they used their child like (not to be confused with childish) curiosity to create something wonderful. Encouraged by them I found out over time that I actually knew more than I thought I did. I allowed myself to relax and started to figure out how riding works using the simple logic of a child. If we would only become child like, go with the flow, and stop micromanaging ourselves and our horses the world would be a kinder place. Our childhood memories are still buried deep inside us all which is why so many of my students say to me during a lesson, “Oh I used to do that when I was a kid before I got uptight!” Ring any bells?

 Training to be a good teacher takes time and money and because of that we are now offering the course on Skype.

  1. Level 1 starts with schooling the rider. Once completed you are qualified to teach ART term one and start earning  money teaching dismounted workshops and night school classes using the Term 1 syllabus.

    Click here for a short preview of the Teacher Training manual PDF.

  2. Level 2 continues with schooling the rider to a more advanced level. Although on this course the focus is still on schooling the rider and how they counterbalance horses crookedness, we now move further into how to bring the horse back into alignment with more advanced schooling exercises.
    With the level 2 syllabus under your belt, you are qualified to teach ART Term 2 where you begin to teach the riders to School their horses using ART.

  3. Level 3 puts more emphasis on diagnosing the horse's crookedness. By the time you have  completed level 3, you have acquired enough experience, skill and confidence to train riders how to not only keep their horse sound but start to excel in lateral work.

On this teacher training course you’ll learn:

  • How to understand what’s out of alignment in your body and in the bodies of others – so you can realign and strengthen your core structure and self-carriage, and help your students do the same.
  • Similarly, how to understand what’s out of alignment in the horse’s body, so you can realign and strengthen the horse’s core structure and self-carriage.
  • What it means to ride independently of the horse’s movement, so aids are applied with clarity, sensitivity, and accuracy (and therefore with greater effectiveness and less struggle).
  • Skills and sensitivity to show your horse the way.
  • How to take control of your thoughts and emotions, so they stop impacting your horse’s behaviour.
  • The physical sensitivity and “feel” required to develop a deep, elegant Classical Seat.

Are you willing to invest in yourself? 

"Finding Joni Bentley’s work was like finding an incredibly important missing component to my work as an Equine Muscle Release therapist.
It is extremely frustrating as a therapist to treat a horse and see improvements in its movement and way of going, only to go back, maybe a month later, to find that all the old patterns of crookedness have returned, together with the familiar muscle tightness.
Joni’s work teaches the rider to be their horses’ own therapist. The simple exercises she gives encourage the rider to overcome both theirs, and the horses natural right or left handedness, and promote free, forward, straight movement, thus reducing the strain on joints, muscles and connective tissue caused by a naturally crooked horse trying to carry a naturally crooked rider!
I have been working with, and watching Joni teach for a number of years now and in that time I have seen apparently lame horses go sound, spooky horses calm down and  sour horses that wouldn’t go forwards trotting expressively around the school.
I have also seen frustrated, unhappy riders get back that joy of riding that, after all, we all started riding for in the first place!
All this in the course of an hours lesson.
For me, this work is the cornerstone of success in whatever discipline you ride.
Even if you are just a happy hacker, doesn’t your horse deserve to be ridden in a way that not only does not damage him, but in a way that positively promotes his good health and lengthens his ridden career? Plus if your horse is actually enjoying being ridden then I’m sure that you will enjoy it more too!
Thank you Joni for all the learning! Julie Dexter BTA. EMRT.


If you feel you want to know more or see yourself as a teach, email here or phone for a chat 01442 402756 mobile 07771811561 or Skype me
I am here to help. Joni