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Welcome to the Alexander Technique page.

Frederick Matthias Alexander was born in Wynyard, Tasmania in 1869 and died in London in 1955. Although a sickly child, Alexander grew up to be a successful Shakespearian reciter and actor, who was also known as, "the breathing man". At the height of his career however, Alexander suffered increasing hoarseness and had breathing difficulties during performance. Doctors were unable to help him so Alexander, with patience and an inquiring mind, realised that it must be something he was doing while speaking that was causing the problem. By observing himself in mirrors, he found he was habitually mis-using his head, neck and back relationship. Alexander discovered that this habitual misuse not only compressed his larynx and interfered with his breathing, it also caused mal-coordination throughout his organism. Despite this observation, however, he had great difficulty in stopping his habitual manner of use.

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a mind-body awareness technique which releases mental and physical tension whilst improving balance, poise and co-ordination. Discovered over 100 years ago by F M Alexander (above left), the technique is used worldwide in many disciplines such as acting, dancing, sports and riding. It delves deep into the realms of human biomechanics and facilitates optimum use of the body. After many years of research, Alexander discovered the secret of good posture. By eliminating the bad habits developed subconsciously through our life, which literally pull us down, we regain the graceful, easy use of the body which we held naturally during early childhood. Over the years, we tend to lose this good self-carriage which we are born with.

How can the Alexander Technique improve your riding?

By improving body awareness, poise and balance, the Alexander Technique can help you to obtain the graceful posture which appears so effortless and yet eludes so many of us today. The technique enables riders to work in harmony with their horses, helping rather than hindering them to optimise performance. The Alexander Technique adds ease of movement and lightness to the human body which, in turn, lifts and elevates the horse.